About Us

Established in 2010 we are an instructor based company that offers tuition and practical guidance for sailing, kayaking, boat handling and watersports in general. Our Instructors have experience as well as a great passion for the sea.

Since establishing Selkie in 2010 we have been guided by the preferences of our customers.

We offer:

  • Guided Kayaking adventures. Our most popular tour is our three hour cave tour. These tours are on ‘Sit on Top’ Kayaks to suit beginners and novices alike. From 1-3 hours
  • Our Sailing adventures are in Gweedore Bay in a 21ft Drascombe trianing Sailing Boat.
  • Surf lessons are offered from Magheraroarty Beach. We are keen surfers and this location is perfect for beginners.

Where are we? Gweedore

Gweedore is an area of outstanding beauty. It is a Special Area of Conservation, the sand dunes and long golden beaches all host a wide variety of flora, fauna and seaweeds, which encourages a variety of wildlife and therefore a haven to any naturalist.

The Name Selkie Sailing

We use both the Gaelige and the English spelling of Selkie Sailing, because we live and run the courses mostly in the Gaeltacht area of Gweedore.

What is Selkie… a Selkie is a mythical creature, that is half man half seal. Unlike the mermaid who is depicted as half woman/man half fish, a selkie is a seal in the ocean but has the ability to come onto land, remove the outer layer of seal skin to reveal a beautiful dark eyed human. Like the mermaid they have been praised and feared by men, as there is stories of help at sea in times of distress, men and women who have been lured to the sea by the Selkie. There is another story of men stealing the skin of the female selkie and then tricking her to be his bride.