Our Sailing adventures are in Gweedore Bay in a 21ft Drascombe training Sailing Boat.


A well loved training boat, it has ketch rigging and gives the client ample opportunity to improve their practical skills. It has classic lines with a traditional look and a great boat for sailing and old style fishing.

Dart 20

A Dart is a 20ft Catamaran (two hulled boat) that can be sailed alone (in the right conditions) BUT, is more enjoyable with a crew of 2 two. It is a more technical boat that can reach great speed.


Drascombe:   Three hour Sailing Tour €200 (1-5 people)

Dart: Catamaran Three hour sailing €300  



All sailings are to be in the mornings from 9.30am to 1.00pm unless otherwise arranged.
*The quick sail can only be availed of those who have sailing experience or has taken the taster lesson.

To avoid disappointment it would be wise to book.